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How do you review these porn games ?

That's a good question ! It is also quite difficult to answer. We started our platform a long time ago when we decided it was time for everyone to understand what was going on in the world of online erotic gaming. We remember, many years ago, that the” best "' sex games were simple Flash integrations on dubious websites that rarely loaded and took you crazy time to figure them out., Today we have a huge industry dedicated to porn games and honestly, there has never been a better time to consume this type of content online. Our job is to make sure that everyone who uses our service can get their hands on the best action of XXX games, which is why our reviews are entirely tailor-made to achieve this goal.

The first step in our reviews is to go ahead and play the sexy game - or games-we're talking about. Our team has specific instructions not to rush this part of the review process : it is essential that they actually try the titles and take advantage of them before they launch and suggest to the world that they are worth trying. They will then review a checklist of the most important elements of a porn game and decide to what extent that particular product compares to the competition., Then - and only then-they will write about their experience and decide if it is good. Once this is done, we check everything and then put the reviews on our website ! All these steps are necessary to ensure that you only get the best of XXX Games Entertainment. We won't round up the angles when it comes to our reputation : everyone knows this is the only site worth it if you're looking for a great sex game !

Est-ce que tous ces jeux sont payants ? Ou sont-ils totalement gratuits ?

We tend to focus more on free sex game options that have different monetization methods-like how products like Candy Crush and Path of Exile work. That said, there are a few premium porn games that require money to play that we will also recommend: our reviews platform is a real mixed one. You usually get your money's worth, but that doesn't mean our free sex game recommendations are nothing short of perfection., We have always been very proud to guarantee that even the freebee player can have a superior masturbation session. Suffice to say that the free porn game will give you more than a helping hand ! Note that for some of these titles you will need to create an account, although this does not mean that you pay for anything : they simply use it for cloud storage and other purposes., You can use a temporary email if you like, but we check for spam and haven't had a problem with any of our free porn game recommendations yet !

What kind of porn games is better to play ?

Honestly, it depends entirely on what you consider fun ! What is good about the sex game industry these days is the fact that you are able to find basically any type of porn games that you would like to try. Some people really like adult dating simulations, where they end up in a new city and need a fresh pussy. They will then do things like lifting weights, visiting a gym and training - all with the aim of finding the perfect partner., We have also seen a sharp increase in the number of hentai and incest-themed games, with the latter based on family action where you can enjoy sexual interactions with your mothers, sisters and cousins. Hentai games have a nice graphic quality that will not disappoint you. The best of the hentai game is here, so above all, if you like this genre, make your choice quickly. The hentai game is constantly evolving and you will often have novelties., Let's also not forget the brand new RPG group that has been released in recent years: some of which are largely devoted to fantasy worlds, like those found in Skyrim. Parody sex games are also very popular : those who watch franchises such as Game Of Thrones, Borderlands, Overwatch, etc. we also recommend taking a look at World of Whorecraft if you're a big fan of Blizzard's success : it's a great sequel with some of the hottest XXX actions you'll find in a sex game today !

Do these porn games need to be downloaded or can you play them from your browser?

There is a lot of concern these days that some sex games might give you a virus or something else harmful to your PC : we want you to know that we carefully control our sexy games and make sure that everything recommended contains absolutely no malware or anything harmful remotely., Our team is committed to giving you the best of themselves, so we will download all the sex games that can be downloaded and run them through several antivirus to make sure that nothing untoward or harmful happens. That said, We would say that only about 25% of the recommended porn games here need to be downloaded: some have the option and can also work properly in the browser., The graphics may not be as good and the cadences a little lower, but it's a good alternative if you don't want anything wild on your computer. So yes : don't worry if you're only looking for browser porn games - we've reviewed a lot of them and you'll love every one of them ! We mean it when we say you're in good hands with our sex game review platform.

What is the quality of these games compared to non-adult games ?

One of the biggest concerns of sex game players is that they will play a title that is mediocre both at the erotic level and at the game level. We admit that this is actually a big deal for a lot of sex games, but we only add about 30% of the titles we review : it means you only see the ones that are really worth playing., Adult games usually have bigger budgets and much better teams that produce their products, but we think the adult game world is just as good, especially when you're excited. What we tend to find is that when your cock is beautiful and hard and you want to stroke it, the quality of the game is not always the most important thing for you - the graphics are !, That's why we tend to focus a little more on the graphic side of any game we recommend : it has to be beautiful if it wants us to be clear. Humans are very focused on visuals and even though amazing gameplay is nice to find, we also want all games to be nice from the point of view of appearance. What's great about porn games is that you can pretty much create the perfect woman : that's why so many sex scenes you'll encounter are fantastic !

Are there VR porn games worth watching ?

We've reviewed so many sex VR games that we're struggling to keep up with the constant supply of new businesses ! Unfortunately, only a few of them are really good : we look at dozens of them and list only a few at once. The good news is that the best VR porn sites have been reviewed by us, so if you're looking for VR sex, we've got you covered !, Check out the top of our review list and scroll down until you see a collection of VR sex game reviews : this is where you're going to get the right things. Note that all of our adult VR games are also reviewed by people with virtual reality devices : they don't just play the standard 3D version and claim it's great. We only have a few people who can review these places, but when they do, their feedback suggests it's a great experience., So in short, if you are looking for reviews of the best VR sex games, we are here for you.

Can I become a porn game critic ? This seems like a great job !

Feel free to email us and let us know your skills : we are always looking for people who recognize good porn games when they watch them. It is one of our passions to recruit the best people for this position and if we think you have what it takes, you will be in our team in no time. Anyway, that's it for now: thanks for reading and be sure to try some of these amazing porn games !, There has never been a better time to enjoy XXX games online, so get your cock ready and enjoy these sexy game titles right now.

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